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Mail från MiFans

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Hi MiFans Member,

It’s here B*tches!

“The room can barely contain the energetic star, who tries to settle in a chair, then bounds up to perch on its armrest, and at other times, leans in to show off the contents of her iPhone, filled with pictures of Liam, her dogs, and screenshots from the TV movie Liz and Dick. She’s dressed casually in a plaid button-down, but her hair is white blonde and shaved on the sides, the kind of look that can be rocked only by a woman who’s truly confident in herself. Whatever else she is, that’s Miley!”

Check out the video on and add your comments for Miley in Mifans!

For Miley’s exclusive interview with Cosmopolitan pick up the new issue on newsstands Feb 5th or check it out online at :

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Av MileyyForever - 12 mars 2013 17:23

Bild..   HAHA! Smile:   Gif..  

Av MileyyForever - 12 mars 2013 17:16


Av MileyyForever - 12 mars 2013 17:11


Miley who?

Namn: Miley Ray Cyrus ( Född till Destiny Hope Cyrus )
Född: 23 November 1992 Tenessee USA
Ålder 20 år
Aktuell: Med covern på Dolly Partons "Jolene" med 'The Backyard Sessions'

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